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Bike Tips

person riding a bike

If you commute to work or school, you’re going to need a place to put your bicycle. Take advantage of our Arlington, VA apartment community’s bike storage! Biking is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and a convenient mode of transportation. In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got a few tips on biking that may help you out!


Gear Up

If you’re looking to get into biking or if you’re a veteran at it, you’re still going to need to gear up properly. Make sure you’re getting the right bicycle for the type of activities you’re going to be doing: road bikes, mountain bikes, or more! Don’t forget the necessary gear like a helmet, a tire pump, and any other protective gear that you might need. Head to your local bicycle store to get all the necessities!



Hydration is important. Especially when you’re out on your bike accumulating miles and enjoying mother nature. Since it’s the summer you’re going to want to keep water on your person in either a water bladder or a water bottle to avoid heat stroke and to keep your body cool. Cycling is an exercise and you’re likely to perspire, so it’s important to hydrate and replenish your water supply.



After you’ve purchased your bicycle and have taken it for a spin, you’re going to want to take care of it to ensure longevity and safety. Bike maintenance is an involved process, but has a list of 101 maintenance tips that everyone should know. If you’re ever unsure about what to do, take your bike to the closest bike shop and have an expert take a look at it. If you’re ever concerned about how well your bicycle is functioning, don’t ignore it! Take it into a shop to get it checked out or fix it yourself!