VST Car Share Program

$5 Hourly Rates
7 Days A Week
1 Easy Sign Up

Provided by Advance Car Rental, Virginia Square Towers offers an Exclusive Car Share Program featuring convenient cars located on site that are easy to pickup and drop-off, plus fuel efficient and easy to park. Reserve a car whenever you need it and always know that your membership includes 24-hour roadside assistance.

When you sign up, your $200 Initiation Fee is waived and you automatically earn $50 to spend. Stop by the Front Desk to fill out your membership form today. (Initiation Fee and $50 Credit is Per Resident) 

For more information, contact our Leasing Office and ask about the Car Share Program at Virginia Square Towers.

*Miles and Fuel not included. Cost is $0.25 per mile. Limited time offer subject to increase. Membership is required. Daily rate if keeping the vehicle for one 24-hour period is $50 per day. Vehicles subject to availability.