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Create a Cleaning Schedule for Your Apartment

Virginia Square Towers Blog, Arlington, VA  A cleaning schedule can make your life a lot easier and your apartment a lot tidier. Read on for tips in today's post!

Creating a cleaning schedule can save you time and energy. Today the Virginia Square Towers Blog has some tips for creating one for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks. We are always happy to share something that will help residents of our apartment community here in Arlington, VA. These are suggested tasks, however, so feel free to modify them to meet your needs and use this list as a guideline rather than a set of rules.


Daily Cleaning

— Make bed

— Do dishes

— Sort and wash clothes in the laundry (or do it weekly, depending on how much there is)

— Sweep kitchen floor

— Sanitize and wipe down sinks and surfaces


Weekly Cleaning

— Mop floors

— Vacuum carpet

— Scrub bathroom and kitchen surfaces and appliances

— Clean mirrors

— Dust

— Wash bedding

— Wipe down bathroom sinks, toilet, and walls


Monthly Cleaning

— Dust blinds

— Clean light fixtures

— Clean large appliances (dishwasher, washing machines, refrigerator, etc.)

— Wash vents


Semi-Annual or Annual Cleaning

— Garbage Disposal: These can be cleaned by putting ice (frozen water, frozen lemon juice, or frozen vinegar) down the disposal. This will help get rid of bacteria under the plastic ring.

— Exterior Kitchen Cabinets: These can be cleaned using Dawn dish soap to remove greasy stains.

— Curtains and Furniture: Use your vacuum to clean off dust and dirt from these fabrics. Clean wood, aluminum, and glass components with recommended cleaners.  

— Light Switches, Doorknobs, and Baseboards: These areas can get dirty and dusty. Use a wet washcloth or disposable cleaning wipe to clean and sanitize them.

— Window Screens: Take out the screens and wash in warm soapy water. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.


Don’t forget to include your car in your cleaning plan, too. Make it a habit to remove trash frequently, wash regularly, and get it detailed periodically. You never know when you may need to give someone a ride. Plus, it’ll keep your car running smoothly and you feeling great! However you get it done, keeping your apartment clean feels good. Be sure to take some time to relax after cleaning and enjoy your well-earned rest.