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Decorating Tips for Spring

Virginia Square Towers Blog, Arlington, VA  Celebrate springtime at your apartment this month by checking out our list of spring decor ideas in this week's blog post.

Springtime is here! In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ll be sharing a list of spring decorating ideas for you to do in your apartment. We hope you enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine this month here in Arlington, VA!


Magnetic Flowers from Martha Stewart

This idea is a very creative way to add floral accents to your kitchen. Put out a spring-themed tablecloth and add on these fun magnetic flowers. To make them you’ll need fabric flowers of your choice, mini magnets, and fabric glue.


Flower Basket Centerpiece from Southwest Living

This seemingly elaborate flower basket may seem intimidating, but it’s fairly simple. It’s a great piece to put on your dinner table this month. To put it together you’ll need a flower pot, floral foam, flexible branches, assorted flowers, and twine.


Adding Pops of Color from The Chronicles of Home

Color is a distinct feature of springtime decor. Check out this spring home tour for some ideas on how to add color to your apartment. They use white and gold as the basis of their color scheme, but then bring in pops of color through pillowcases, flowers, and other accent pieces.


Farmhouse Style Tire Wreath from The Craft Patch

This rustic wreath will look great on your front door for springtime. You’ll use an antique metal tire, pink fabric flowers, spring greenery, floral foam, and wire cutters. If you can’t find an antique metal tire, be creative and find something else that will work such as a simple branch wreath.


DIY Painted Birdhouse from Alice & Lois

These birdhouses are perfect to set up on a mantel or shelf in your apartment. To make them you’ll just need these three supplies: acrylic paint, small birdhouses, and a Sharpie acrylic pen.


Do you have any other decorating tips or ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!