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Destinations for Summer Vacation

travel items including a pair of shoes, sunglasses, a hat, a camera, a phone, and a map

Are you tired of the same old scenery in Arlington, VA? Traveling the world can be an adventure where you can immerse yourself in other cultures and learn about other ways of life. In this week's edition of the Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of places that you should visit the next time you get out of your apartment to travel!


As one of the major countries in Asia, Japan has many tourist options available for those visiting. It has a rich history and many sights — sacred and casual — for you to visit. If you’re headed to Japan, it’s important to know that within the major cities like Tokyo there are many people and the streets can often get crowded. The sheer magnitude of people can be off-putting, but it lends to the unique nature of what makes Japan the country that it is.

Many people also visit Japan for the food. With delicacies like sushi, ramen, and a variety of street food, there is plenty to eat! If you’re not used to the food, we suggest you give everything a couple of tries. These foods may be common in Japan but are acquired tastes if you haven’t grown up with them.


Though Canada is just north of the United States, there are many reasons to visit. Much of Canada is untouched by the human hand and there are many great spots to hike to and areas to camp. Depending on which part of Canada you visit, you can head to Whistler in British Columbia, Niagara Falls in Ontario, or the beautiful lighthouses and ocean views in Nova Scotia. Whatever place you visit, you can view a lifestyle that’s far different from yours back home in Arlington, VA. A trip to Canada is also never complete without trying Poutine, so go visit this month!

Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve ever seen any advertisements for vacationing in South East Asia, they’ve probably featured Bali. This popular destination is known for their clear waters, stunning scenery, and amazing accommodations. Located in Indonesia, Bali is an island paradise where you can sit back and relax without the stresses of city life. Go for something exotic and visit Bali!

Thanks for reading! Share your favorite travel experience in the comments below.