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Dress for Colder Weather

A stack of colorful fall sweaters

Fall is in full swing and, much like the leaves on the trees, the weather has changed here in Arlington, VA. How you dress has a profound effect on how comfortable you are during the day. It can be a delicate balance between fashion and function, so we’ve decided to share with you some tips on dressing for cooler weather in this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog.

Multifunctional Clothing

Investing in clothing that looks good as well as keeps you warm and dry is crucial for surviving colder weather. Choose shoes that are good for walking in slippery or wet conditions and outer jackets that are waterproof and warm. Finding and choosing these multifunctional pieces for your outfit will greatly increase your quality of life in the case of inclement weather conditions!


Picking the right fabrics can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. Instead of lighter fabrics like linen, we suggest picking clothes made from wool, fleece, and flannel. These fabrics are thicker and don’t let heat escape as quickly as the thinner fabrics. You can look into layering your clothes to provide a diverse outfit that looks great and keeps you warm.


Aside from your regular outfit, accessories can lend a hand in keeping you warm during the colder months. Accessories like scarves, gloves, and beanies can add that something extra to an already great outfit! These pieces are perfect for the colder weather because they’re removable! Businesses, restaurants, and other indoor establishments tend to turn up the heat, so it’s beneficial to be able to remove any warmer clothing items you have.

Do you have any fashion tips for the fall and winter? Help us be more stylish! Share your tips with us by leaving a comment for our apartment community!