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Dress for the Weather

man dressed in white clothing on a boat leaning against the railing and looking off to the side at the water

Arlington, VA can get warm this time of year, making dressing well difficult. Sometimes the heat gets so unbearable that you aren’t able to layer your clothing without sacrificing comfort; even then, you’ll get hot in no time. In this week’s edition of the Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got a few tips about how you can still remain stylish while dressing for the weather. These fashion tips can be helpful any time of the year, particularly when you’re in the middle of a heatwave.

Watch the Fit

Fashion is dependent on what’s popular. This makes dressing for the warmer months difficult, especially if form-fitting clothing is popular. The fit of your clothing can make a tremendous difference in how you look and feel. Opt for a loose fit for when it’s warm outside! Having loose-fitting clothing allows for more airflow, which will help you to cool down.


The materials you wear contribute greatly to how comfortable you are. Thicker materials during warmer weather can make for an uncomfortable day, so we suggest wearing materials like linen, cotton, and chambray. These lighter materials are more breathable, allowing more airflow. There are many ways to incorporate such materials into your style, but keep in mind that summer clothing materials usually reflect a more relaxed style.


Accessorizing can be difficult, especially when it’s hot outside. Finding the right kind of accessory can make your days a little easier all while looking stylish. Put away the bracelets and necklaces in favor of sunglasses and hats. Sunglasses and hats are both accessories that have multiple uses during hot sunny days; they can even protect you from the harmful effects of the sun!

Do you have any fashion tips that help you dress for the hot weather? Let our apartment community know by leaving a comment below!