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Feel Better With These Exercise Tips

Virginia Square Towers Blog, Arlington, VA  Wherever you're at in your fitness journey, read today's blog for tips on how to make it a better experience.

To some, exercise is a necessity, but to others, they’d rather be doing anything else. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Wherever you are on that scale, check out some of these tips in today’s Virginia Square Towers Blog to help you on your fitness journey. We hope they help. Enjoy some exercise this month here in Arlington, VA.


Find what you love. Exercise can seem like an annoying task you have to add to your already long to-do list, but it doesn’t have to be. If you can find some form of exercise that you enjoy doing, then it’s no longer a task, but a reward. If you get into the habit of exercising regularly, you may find that your body craves that movement and feels sluggish without it. Try out a team sport, yoga, running, a dance class, or something else you’ve never done before. Visit our 24-hour fitness center as well to try out the machines and equipment they have there.


Schedule it in. If exercise isn’t on your schedule or isn’t a priority, then it won’t happen. If you know that waking up to exercise will be difficult, then try to find another time that’s better for you. Make sure there’s ample time to get changed, exercise, and shower afterward. Put it on your calendar and it’ll be that much easier to do.


Find a workout buddy. Having someone to help you on your fitness journey can make all the difference. Workout with a friend on a regular basis so that you can both hold each other accountable. If you aren’t feeling like exercising, having that friend there will motivate you to get up and workout so you don’t leave them hanging.


Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice of learning to be in the present moment. It can help you to be calm and to be more aware of your body. This is important because when deciding whether or not to get up and exercise, your body may be telling you no, while your mind is saying yes. Mindfulness will help you to get over what your body says and let your mind control your decisions which means more exercise.


What’s your favorite type of exercise? Let us know in the comments below so we can try it out!