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Hammock Activities

Hammock Activities

In light of July 22nd being Hammock Day, this Virginia Square Towers Blog post is featuring some fun activities involving hammocks so you can celebrate this summer holiday in the most relaxing and laid-back fashion possible.


July is in the middle of summer and it is hot, which is why it makes perfect sense that July 22nd was deemed Hammock day. Take it easy in your hammock in the shade. Don’t have a hammock? No worries, visit for a huge selection of hammocks.


Read a Book

When it is hot we often feel lethargic and don’t want to do much, so why not spend the day swinging in a hammock reading a great book? Check out this list of 21 Recommendations for Anyone Who Wants to Read Books and Chill from Huffington Post. Also enjoy this fun poem about reading in a hammock written by Billy Collins.


Hammock Camping

Break tradition this summer and bring a hammock on your next camping trip instead of a tent. The setup is much easier and you can see the stars! Still not convinced? Check out this article on Why You Should Switch from a Tent to a Hammock from Trek Light Gear and we think you will be convinced.


Take a nap

This one might seem obvious, but honestly you will be amazed by how soundly you sleep suspended above the ground gently rocked by the gentle breeze.


Make a Sail

You can easily turn your hammock into a sail and use it while kayaking, water-skiing, or even skateboarding! Use the wind to your advantage and kick back while it does all the work.


Indoor Swing

Stay indoors and out of the heat and turn your hammock into an indoor swing that everyone can enjoy. Get some great ideas from this article called 20 Epic Ways to DIY Hanging and Swing Chairs from HomeDesignLover


What are some fun uses you have found for a hammock? Share them with us in the comments! Thanks for reading our Virginia Square Towers Blog post!