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Host a Dinner Party

hands toasting with sparkling cider over a table of food

Looking for an excuse to get some friends over or to create a situation where you can spend time with someone you’re interested in? Throw a dinner party! Dinner parties are a great way to spend an evening with friends. And they’re casual enough that it won’t be awkward to invite that special someone, too. In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got tips for you to give you an easier time throwing that dinner party!


A large part of the stress of a dinner party comes from making sure that your guests know the details of your event. Do yourself a favor and create a way for you to communicate with your guests and vice versa. Tools like emails and Facebook events are a great way to accomplish communication. Let your guests know of the details like time, place, and what they need to bring (if it’s a potluck). This way, no one will be confused and your stress levels are lowered because you’ve got less to worry about.

Ask for Help

Feeding a large quantity of people is stressful. Even if you’re okay with feeding everyone, ask for help. Invite some friends over a few hours prior to the party time to aid you in making the food. Paying for everyone’s food can get expensive, especially if you’re inviting a large group over. We suggest making your party a potluck. Invite your guests to bring a dish that can be shared with the group. Potlucks give diversity and also ease the burden on your wallet.

Be Friendly and Personable

Sometimes the people you invite over can come from different stages of your life. Encourage others to get to know each other, and be friendly and personable as well. You can even play a small get-to-know-you game to break the ice. As the common denominator between all of these people, take some time to introduce everyone, and then leave them to get to know each other. Ask about people’s lives and be willing to genuinely listen to their answer. Keep things non-controversial yet meaningful.

Show off your beautiful Arlington, VA apartment by hosting a dinner party. Do you have any tips that you use when you throw a dinner party? Let us know of them by leaving a comment!