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How to Have the Best Year Ever

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The new year presents a unique opportunity for a fresh start, a.k.a., a chance to leave 2018 behind and to embark on a new journey through 2019. If your last year was unpleasant, the year ahead of you is the time to make a change. In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ll be sharing with you some ways to have your best year ever!

Evaluate Last Year

Regardless of how well your last year went, it still provides you with something to reflect on. If your year was terrible, you can pinpoint why it was so bad, the things you could improve on, and what you would do differently. If it went well, you can take note of what went well and attempt to do similar things in the new year. Every year is a learning experience, so use each year that passes as a way to grow and get better!

Set New Goals

Many people attempt to make lasting changes by setting resolutions, but those resolutions don’t really seem to stick. Instead of resolutions, we suggest setting goals! These goals should be specific, measurable, relevant, and time-bound to ensure the greatest level of success. As an additional tip, we suggest writing these goals down, doing so will help you commit the goal to memory and will give you a physical reminder of what you’ve set out to do!

Start Looking Ahead

Don’t be bound by the past! Look ahead to where you want to be by the end of 2019. As you look ahead, you can make appropriate goals! Think about how your ideal year would look like and then do your best to make it happen! Your year is what you make of it, so picture your best year ever, then work hard to make it a reality. There are some things that will be out of your control, but don’t let that get you down!

Do you have any tips on having a great year? Let our Arlington, VA apartment community know of them by leaving us a comment!