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Laundry Day Tips

Virginia Square Towers Blog, Arlington, VA Apartments  Laundry day is an important day, so don't get left with stinky laundry and wrinkled clothes! Follow some of our tips during your next laundry day!

There will come a time when you need to do your laundry. It’s normal to get busy while you’re waiting for your clothes to finish their wash or dry cycle and even more normal to have to rewash clothes you forgot to remove the smell forgotten, wet laundry leaves behind. In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got some tips for you to help you make the most of laundry day. Avoid rewashing and leaving your clothes in the dryer with the help of these tips.


Set an Alarm

How many times have you thrown your laundry into the washing machine only to forget about it while you get caught up doing something different? Forgetting your laundry in the washing machine for an extended period of time can cause your clothes to gain a mildew smell that can be off-putting to yourself and others! Setting an alarm can snap you out of your groove and remind you that you need to switch your laundry.   


Fold Immediately

Getting things done immediately is the best way to not get overwhelmed with laundry. There will be times when the wash and dry cycle has finished, you’ve taken the clothes out of the dryer and just left it in the hamper. Doing this will cause excessive wrinkling. Taking the time to fold your clothes immediately will reduce the wrinkles in your folded/hung clothes and reduce the amount of clothing clutter in your room and home.  


Separate Colors

If you lived on your own during your college years you’ve probably shoved all of your clothes (darks, whites and colors) into the washing machine without regard for any of the consequences! You also probably haven’t received any serious consequences. Separating your colors, darks, and white clothes can help your clothing retain colors and prevent whites from becoming gray or worse turned into pink or blue! New jeans, and other new items of clothing have a tendency to bleed their color, so avoid mixing them with your whites.


Laundry day  can be difficult. People are busy. If you follow our tips, you can make laundry day a little easier all the way around. If we missed any crucial tips, let our Arlington, VA apartment community know by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading!