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Shows to Get You into the Halloween Spirit

a person holding a tablet with the Netflix queue on display

Since Halloween is at the end of the month, you can get into the spirit of the season by watching some suspenseful shows on Netflix! In this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog, we’ve got a short list of suspenseful shows we think you should watch before Halloween actually arrives! Curl up on the couch in your Arlington, VA apartment for some exciting shows!


Ghouls, vampires, werewolves are all tall tales that aren’t true, right? To Sam and Dean Winchester, finding these creatures is just another day in their lives. Following their father’s footsteps, the Winchester brothers head out on the road to find their missing father, save people from supernatural occurrences that threaten their lives, and hopefully, find out what killed their mother all those years ago.


Adapted from the Wes Craven movie of the same name, Scream follows Emma Duval as she becomes the target of an obsessed murderer. Find out what happens as she seeks to unmask the killer. Who is the killer? Everyone is a suspect and anyone is susceptible to becoming the next murder victim! Find out who the killer is for yourself by watching it on Netflix!

The Walking Dead

Are you a fan of zombies? If you are, you’ll love The Walking Dead. Explore what happens to the world when the dead reanimate and society crumbles. The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes, his family, and others as they attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. Will humanity survive? Or will it be the survival of the fittest? Find out by watching the series on Netflix!

Are you a fan of suspenseful TV shows? If you do, let our apartment community know of them by leaving a comment. We hope you enjoyed our list of TV shows that you should watch to get into the Halloween mood!