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The Easiest Halloween Costumes

The Easiest Halloween Costumes

For those wanting a simple Halloween costume that doesn’t cost much and is clever, then you’ve come to the right place. Here on the Virginia Square Towers Blog, we want to share some of our ideas with you. Get together with friends at your apartment this Halloween and celebrate! We hope you enjoy your month here in Arlington, VA.


Gumball Machine

This idea is simple to put together. You might even already have everything you need to turn yourself into a gumball machine. Wear a white shirt that you don’t care about ruining and wear red pants or any other solid colored pants. On the white shirt, glue colorful craft pom poms about ¾ of the way up the shirt. These pom poms can be found at any craft store. Glue them on using a hot glue gun and that’s it!


It’s Raining Men

This is a fun costume that shouldn’t take more than an hour to put together. First you’ll print out or cut out pictures of any men (it doesn’t matter who), then you’ll cut out those images around their heads. You’ll then punch a hole in the top of the image and thread a piece of string through the hole. Tie the string onto the image and tape the other end to an umbrella. Wear rain clothes such as a rain jacket and rain boots and voila — it’s raining men!


Fork in the Road

For this costume, you’re going to wear a black shirt. Using white tape or white t-shirt paint, make lines on your shirt like the lines you see on roads. Then simply tape a plastic fork onto your shirt crossing the lines. A play on words, this costume is clever and simple.



This costume requires plastic toy snakes. Grab some from a local store and wear them in your hair. Either tie them to the ends of your hair or slide them through hair that is pulled back. You can wear some kind of fancy dress or something that resembles a Greek style of clothing.



Pick up a Hawaiian t-shirt from a local thrift store for an easy costume. Add a camera/video recorder over your neck, a wide brimmed hat, khaki shorts, tennis shoes, sunglasses, and you’re set.



This costume requires items that you may already have at home. Use makeup to create stitches on your face and round red cheeks. Wear your hair in braids or wear it messy, stick some hay in your clothes, wear a plaid button up shirt and jeans, and you’re set!


What’s your favorite simple and easy Halloween costume? Comment below so we can try it out. Thanks for reading our Virginia Square Towers Blog post.