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Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Virginia Square Towers Blog, Arlington, VA Apartments  Start preparing for your summer vacations this month by remembering these important and simple tips.

Summer is approaching quickly and here in Arlington, VA it’s time to start planning your summer festivities if you haven’t already. Read this week’s Virginia Square Towers Blog post for tips about getting out of your apartment and vacationing in your dream destination.


Decide what type of vacation you want to have.

Determine whether you want a vacation spot within driving distance of Arlington, VA or if you want to get out of the state. This will determine how you should go about making plans. It will affect how long you’ll be gone, how much money you should save, where you’ll stay, how you’ll get there, and what sorts of items you should pack. With the world at your fingertips, this can be a fun part of vacation planning. Think of where you’ve always wanted to go and see if you can do it! Odds are someone’s already gone there, so look it up and see how you can benefit from their tips.


Be mindful of airfare and busy travel times.

When choosing a date, remember that summer is the busiest travel season, so don’t fly on Fridays if you want to avoid especially high crowds. Also consider shopping for plane tickets on the cheapest days. Busy travel times can also mean higher hotel rates, so look into both things as you’re choosing the dates for your vacation.


Start saving money now.

Planning for vacation months in advance is important so you can have the time to save for housing, travel, and entertainment expenses. Look up menus and entrance fees to any attractions online to see how much these things will cost before you get there. Then give yourself a daily budget to stick to, but of course, be reasonable and allow wiggle room. Decide how much cash you’ll take with you and what credit or debit cards you’ll use while you’re there; then leave the rest at home.


Prepare for emergencies.

Keep emergency contacts available in your phone or your wallet and make sure those people know you’ll be gone in case you need them. Take your car in for a checkup, but keep your insurance card in your car, just in case. And of course, stock your car with the essentials. The confidence that comes with being prepared will help you enjoy your vacation stress-free.


We hope you find these tips useful. Good luck, and have fun preparing for your vacation!